Hillary Clinton Wants to Ban Beards-Fiction!
Connection Between AG Nominee Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder-Truth!
Quebec Mayor Refuses to Remove Pork from Schools-Fiction!
Welfare Recipients Receive Free Cars  Rumor-Fiction!
Obama is the Mystery of the Century-Fiction!
Joel Osteen Endorses President Obama- Fiction!
Bill and Hillary Clinton's million Mansion-Truth! & Fiction!
President Obama Snaps at Military Brass – Unproven!
Houston Mayor Annise Parker Subpoenas Sermons-Truth!
Parents of Fallen SEAL Team 6 Officer Call for Obama’s Resignation–Authorship Confirmed!
President Obama’s Thank You to Muslims in Oklahoma-Truth!
Hillary Clinton’s Accomplishments as Secretary of State-Fiction!
Obama Plans to Name Holder the Supreme Court - Fiction!
Veteran Rumble Email-Fiction!
Claims About Illinois and Oklahoma-Truth! & Fiction!
Eric Holder Funded Ferguson Riots-Fiction!
President Obama Gives U.S. Marines a ‘Latte Salute’-Truth!
Alex Wagner Leaves MSNBC Blaming Obama's Lies-Fiction!
Mother of Officer Killed by Illegal Immigrant Wrote President Obama-Truth!
Costco Pulled America Book by Dinesh D’Souza-Truth! But Now Resolved!
Sensible Gun Control-Fiction!
The congressional list of crimes and crooks-Truth! but Misleading!
ISIS vs. ISIL-Unproven!
Comrades Allege Bergdahl Desertion-Truth!
President's Half Brother Photographed in Hamas Scarf-Truth!
Obama Thanks Muslims for Their Contribution to U.S.A.-Truth!
Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd Said "No" to Sharia-Fiction!
Obama to Resign January 1st Amid New Benghazi Revelations-Fiction!
There Was Widespread Voter Fraud in the 2012 Presidential Election-Fiction!
Nationwide Muslim Outreach Program For Children Grades K-12-Fiction!
Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad is Why Keystone Was Not Approved-Fiction!
President Obama Not Represented at Memorial for General Harold Greene-Fiction!
The Muslim Brotherhood Has Infiltrated The White House-Unproven!
Photo of Mohammad Fazi with Severed Heads-Fiction!
Jesus named the Antichrist---and it’s Barack Obama-Fiction!
Dr. Ben Carson Considering White House Run-Truth!
Governor Returns Illegal Children Who Were Sent to Iowa-Fiction!
Dutch Give up Multiculturalism-Truth! & Fiction!
Kennedy Center to Get Name Change-Truth! But not the one you think!
Obama Outlaws Russian AK-47 Rifles-Truth!
Tonopah Solar Company 7 Million Government Loan For Solar Project-Fiction!
Two Americas - Lou Holtz Nails it- Inaccurate Attribution!
FDR Rode Al Capone's Car to Deliver Pearl Harbor Speech-Fiction! & Disputed!
Tweet from Charlie Daniels About Harry Reid-Authorship Confirmed!
Candidate Arrested in U.K. for Quoting Winston Churchill-Truth!
H.L. Mencken- 94 year old Prophecy-Confirmed Authorship!
Eddie Sessions and The Wall Street Journal Size Up Obama-Incorrect Authorship!
Obama's New World Order Speech-Fiction!
Justice Roberts Signed Off on Obama's Removal for Treason-Fiction!
Michelle Walks Out As Obama Divorce Battle Explodes- Pending Investigation!
Obama Announces Plans For A Third Term Presidential Run-Fiction!
Photo of Michelle Obama Failing to Salute at Veterans Day Event- Truth! but Inaccurate Description!
Harry Reid Behind Bureau of Land Management Land Grab of Bundy Ranch-Pending Investigation!
The Democratic Party Has Become the Lawyer's Party- Commentary!
Snopes.com is a secret tool of the Democratic party to promote Barack Obama-Fiction!
Come to the Tax Day Tea Party Rally and Mail a Teabag to the Whitehouse to Protest Wasteful Government Spending -  Grass Roots Movement!
Why Women Should Vote and The "Iron Jawed Angels"-Truth!
Daughter of Jeremiah Wright Convicted in Fraud Scheme-Truth!
Michelle Obama Waved Flags of Communist China-Fiction!
A Democrat criticizes the 9/11 Commission-Truth!
Obama's Daughters Listed as Senior Staffers on Africa Trip-Disputed!
First Lady's Negative Comment About the Flag During a 9-11 Memorial Ceremony-Fiction!
Senate Amendment to Obamacare Protects Law Biding Gun Owners-Truth!
Bible Series Producers Made Up Satan to Look Like President Obama-Fiction!
President's Lack Of Jewelry During Ramadan is a Sign That He Must Be a Muslim-Fiction!
President Obama Reported Sedated After Emotional Breakdown-Fiction! & Satire!
Lee Iacocca regarding leadership in America-Truth!
Hillary Clinton's former boss says he fired her from an investigative  position because she was a "liar" and "unethical-Truth!
Facebook Censored Obama Critics-Fiction!
An open letter from actor John Voight to President Obama-Commentary!
Hillary Clinton's horse-thief ancestor-Fiction!
Shakeout of High Ranking Military Leaders-Truth!
Questions About Barack Obama's status as a "natural born citizen"
Open Microphone Catches POTUS in Unpatriotic Moment-Fiction!
Photo of Kenyan Birth Certificate Alleged to Belong to Barack Obama-Fiction!
Washington Post Published Critical Opinion About President Obama-Confirmed Authorship! But Inaccurate Attribution!
Air Force Veteran Wrote Predictions For The Obama Presidency-Truth!
Obama Lies?-Truth!, Fiction!, and Unproven!
The Foreign Student Identification Card of Barry Soetoro-Fiction!
President Obama Failed to Salute at Veterans Day Service-Fiction!
Pictorial response to John Kerry from GIs in Iraq-Truth!
Rhode Island State Senator Launched F-Bomb at Infowars Reporter-Truth!
Obama White House Intentionally Omits American Flags from Press Conferences-Fiction!
Accomplishments of Thomas Jefferson-Reported to be True!
Obama Signs on the I-5 in Washington State-Unproven!
An Answer from Dr. Orly Taitz to Nancy Pelosi-Confirmed Authorship!
A Proposed 28th Amendment That Says Congress Will Make No Laws That Does Not Apply To Them- Grass Roots Movement!
White House Staffers Got Hefty Pay Raises- Mostly Truth!
Election Ballots of U.S. Citizens Living Abroad to be Tabulated by a Company in Spain- Fiction!
Great-Great Uncle Remus Reid-Fiction!
President's 13 Year Old Daughter Spent Spring Break in Mexico-Truth!
U.S. Department of Agriculture Plans to Levy a Tax on Christmas Trees-Truth! But Postponed!
Photos of President Obama With His Feet on the Resolute Desk-Truth!
President Obama Has Redecorated the Oval Office Middle Eastern Style-Fiction!
Thirty Three U.S. Senators Voted Against Making English the Official Language of the United States- Fiction!
Senate Bill seeks to regulate "grass roots" lobbying-Truth! But Overturned!
Socialist Takeover Must be Stopped
President Suggested Cancelling Cell Phones and Cable to Pay for Obamacare Premiums-Truth!
George Will on President Obama- Incorrect Authorship!
Clinton Body Count-Clinton friends who've ended up dead-Truth! and Fiction!
"No He Can't" by Dr. Anne Wortham-Truth!
The Connections Between the Occupy Wall Street Protest, Brookfield Properties' Zucotti Park and Vice President Joe Biden - Truth! & Fiction!
Open Letter to President Obama by Matt Walsh-Confirmed Authorship!
Hillary Clinton once supported Black Panthers on trial for murder-Truth!
George Washington Statue Covered to Prevent Martin Luther King Celebrants From Being Offended-Fiction!
John Kerry's hometown paper endorses Bush for President?-Truth!
Catholic Cardinals Considering Barack Obama as Next Pope-Fiction!
Secret Service Agents Perspective of U.S. Presidents-Truth! & Fiction! & Unproven!
Bruce Vincent's encounter with the president-Truth!
Muslim Clerics to Replace Rejected Cardinal for Democratic Convention Prayer-Fiction!
Congress Passed HR-4646, The Debt Free America Act, That Proposes a 1% Tax On All Financial Institution Transactions- Fiction!
Football Coach Fired Over Obama Song-Truth!
Hawaii Was Not a State When Obama was Born There and his Mother Was Not Eligible to Give Birth to a U.S. Citizen-Fiction!
School Teacher's Letter to Obama-Fiction!
Questions about President Obama Long Form Birth Certificate
Barack Obama Co-Sponsored a "Stand Your Ground" bill as a Senator in Illinois-Truth!
Lack of Food Taster Prevented President From Eating With Republicans-Truth!
American flag removed from the tail of Obama's campaign plane-Truth!
Barack Obama Quote Against Raising the Debt Limit-Truth!
Heinz Endowments to Leftist Causes through The Tides Foundation?-Disputed!
Letter to Editor Calling President Obama "No Ordinary Weakling"-Confirmed Authorship!
Rand Paul's Summer Break Eye Surgeries -Truth!
Analysis of Hillary Clinton by Dick Morris-Confirmed Authorship!
Photo of President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama saluting with their left hands-Fiction!
Shutdown Prompts Congressional Impeachment Hearings-Fiction! & Satire!
Barack Obama's Gay Past-Unproven!
The Obama administration plans to require private insurance carriers to reimburse the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for the treatment service related injuries of military personnel  -Truth! -but Cancelled
Obama Gives Syrians 5,000,000 for Muslim Holiday-Truth!
Barack Obama Said That His Father Served in World War II-Truth!
Obama Truth Squad-Truth!
Emailed Biographies of Governor Mitt Romney-Unofficial!
Nazi Eyewitness Warns America Not to Let Freedom Slip Away -Commentary!
Czech News Quote About the Election of President Obama-Unproven!
Government Shutdown Was Orchestrated-Unproven!
President Obama Flew on Air Force One 172 Times in 2010-Truth!
Various emails about the proposed Health Care Bill - Truth! Fiction! & Disputed!
Senator Hillary Clinton named "Walking Eagle" by American Indians-Fiction!
"What I Learned at Bain Capital" - by Mitt Romney-Official!
Law Professor points out some interesting facts concerning the Presidential election-Fiction!
Obama's tax proposals-Mostly Fiction!
H.J.Res. 15 Introduced to Congress to repeal the 22nd Amendment-Truth!
White House Will Not Accept Christmas Ornaments With Religious Themes-Fiction!
Why I Do Not Like The Obamas, an Opinion by Mychal Massie-Confirmed Authorship
The Writings of Thomas Jefferson-Truth! & Unproven!
Associated Press Story About Obama Citizenship Case Reaching Supreme Court- Fiction!
The ACA or Obamacare Phone Number Spells Out F-Word- Disputed!
Vice Presidential Candidate John Edwards responsible for the flu vaccine shortage?-Fiction!
Religious significance of George Washington and the Washington memorial-Mostly Truth!
U.S. foreign aid to Ukraine will go to Russia-Truth!
What did Megachurch pastor Rick Warren Really Say about Gays and Gay Marriage?
Mitt Romney Set Up A Command Center To Help Find Partner's Missing Daughter-Truth!
Bob Lonsberry on Two Americas-Confirmed Authorship!
Charlie Daniels on illegal immigration-Truth!
Tagg Romney Invested in Ohio Voting Machines-Fiction!
President Obama  Enacted the Dream Act by Executive Order- Truth! & Fiction!
Chinese flag will be hoisted over the White House South Lawn on September 20, 2009-Fiction!
President Obama absent from the Arlington 2010 Memorial Day Ceremony-Truth!
President Obama Declared November National Muslim Appreciation Month-Fiction! & Satire!
President Obama's Visit and Speech at Cape Canaveral  Was Closed to NASA Employees-Fiction!
Barack Obama Explains Why He Didn't Follow Protocol During the National Anthem-Fiction!
Attorney's letter to Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi- Confirmed Authorship! 
What I am, an ad in the Washington Post written by a passionate Republican-Truth!
Jessie Jackson Jr. is Eligible to Receive Benefits and Pension-Truth!
Hillary Clinton refused to see Gold Star Mothers-Fiction!
Georgia Judge Hears Case To Strike Barack Obama From Presidential Primary Ballot-Truth!
Video of President Obama Kicking a Door-Fiction!
President Obama Told Interns Not to Celebrate Independence Day-Fiction!
President Obama Failed to Attend D-Day Ceremonies at Normandy-Fiction!
President's Campaign Bus Was Made In Canada at a Cost of ,100,000-Truth! & Fiction!
Michael Connelly's Analysis of Heath Care Bill-Opinion! & Fiction!
Angry Letter to Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson- Unconfirmed Attribution!
Press Photographer Catches Lawmakers Playing Solitaire on their Laptops During a Session-Truth!
Nancy Pelosi on Taxing the Rich-Fiction!
Vet's Backlash Against President Obama-Grass Roots Movement!
Economic Stabilaztion Bill Earmarks-Truth! &  Unproven!
Senator Feinstein Said That  "All Vets Are Mentally Ill"-Fiction!
General Carter Ham Fired for Ignoring Stand Down Order- Fiction!
923 Executive Orders Enacted by President Obama-Fiction!
Presidential Visit to Golf Course Rudely Delayed Other Players-Unproven!
Fannie Mae & Lehman Execs Advising Obama-Truth & Fiction!
President Obama Hesitated to Give Order to Kill Osama Bin Laden-Fiction!
Sean Hannity Investigates Barack Obama on Fox News-Truth! Fiction! & Unproven!
Michael Reagan's Article About "The Butler"-Truth! & Fiction!
Vladimir Putin Describes President Obama-Unproven!
Rabbi Pruzansky On Why Obama Won and How We Are Lost-Confirmed Authorship!
President Obama Omits God From Gettysburg Address-Truth! But Not Intentionally!
Wayne Allyn Root Writes About Obama-Truth!
Obama, Now That You Work For Me by Chuck Norris -Truth!
President Obama Snubbed U.K. Over Thatcher Funeral-Truth! & Fiction!
Fred Thompson's Retort Likens Obama to a Dog at a Fire Hydrant-Confirmed Authorship!
Sherry Hackett's Opinion Piece Called "We Noticed" about President Obama- Incorrect Authorship!
"We Are Not SUBJECTS" by Professor Laura Hollis - Confirmed Authorship!
"The President Who Has Done the Most Damage" by Dennis Prager-Confirmed Authorship!
"Obama, You No Longer Scare Me, You Terrify Me" by Lou Pritchett-Truth!
President Obama Signed an Executive Order That Grants the President Power to Institute Martial Law- Fiction!
President Obama is Married to Allah Because the Ring he Wears on his Wedding Finger is Inscribed with the First Pillar of Islam- Unproven!
Who Shut Down the Government? by Thomas Sowell-Confirmed Authorship!
Barack Obama's Social Security Number Actually Belonged to a Man Named Jean Paul Ludwig-Fiction!
The List of Military Endorsements for Mitt Romney-Truth!
Photo of First Lady and Daughters at the Olympics- Fiction!
Photo of Nancy Pelosi Posing as Miss Lube Rack 1955- Fiction!
Congresswoman Said U.S. Constitution is 400 Years Old-Truth!
"American Suicide" a speech by Former Colorado Governor Richard Lamm-Truth!
Obama's 32 Month Report Card-Truth! & Fiction!
Barack Obama Reading Post-American World-Truth! & Fiction!
2012 Election Prediction From Conservative Author Dr. Walter Williams-Fiction!
Members of Obama Administration are Related to People in the Mainstream Media-Truth!
Photo of President Obama Kissing Venezuela's Hugo Chavez-Fiction!
DNC Banned Churches From Distributing Gift Baskets to Delegates at Convention-Truth!
Shorebank Bailed Out Because of Connections With Obama-Unproven!
A Boy Named Stanley?
Biography of Barak Obama on Brochure Shows "Kenya" as Birth Place-Truth! & Fiction!
President Obama Refused to Sign Eagle Scout Certificates-Fiction!
Obama is Overwhelming the Economy to Destroy Capitalism in the U.S.- Commentary!
The President and a soldier whose hand was amputated-Mostly Truth!
U.S. Presidential Candidate Herman Cain's Bio-Truth!
Ben Bernanke Told Everyone At a Neighborhood Bar How Screwed The Economy Really Is-Fiction!
Motivational speaker who portrays Thomas Paine was summoned to the White House because President Obama was angry over his remarks - Fiction!
President Bush Visited the Wounded After the Terrorist Attack at Ft. Hood-Truth!
White House Press Secretary Jay Carney's Soviet Propaganda Posters-Truth!
Write In Bill Cosby For President-Fiction!
New California law prohibits "mom" or "dad" in textbooks-Fiction!
CNN Alert Announcing That Mitt Romney is Almost President-Virus!
Czech President Vaclav Klaus Quote on the Election of President Obama-Unproven!
News Article Said Vice President Biden's Weekend Trips Cost Taxpayers Million Annually-Truth!
Chelsea Clinton's Father-In-Law is Edward Mezvinsky-Truth!
Congress Has Passed The American With No Abilities Act- Fiction!
President Obama Criticized by an Editor of London Daily Telegraph- Mostly Fiction!
Vice President Biden's Two Night Trip to London and Paris Cost Over Million-Truth!
Michelle Bachman's Tweet About Coke Ad-Fiction!
President Obama Delayed Thunderbirds Air Show Following Air Force Academy Graduation- Fiction!
Bill Clinton's Military Career-Disputed!
Neil Cavuto's Response To President after Slamming Fox News-Truth!
Executive Order Gives Pay Raise to Vice President, Members of Congress and Federal Workers-Truth!
Ben Stein wrote an article as to why President Obama is eager to promote the Universal Health Care Plan -Truth! but it is an opinion!
Political Ad by Billy Graham-Truth!
Abortion survivor's surprise appearance in the Colorado Legislature-Truth!
Incredible Ad By The Catholic Church-Inaccurate Attribution!
Ohio Man Registered To Vote 72 Times By ACORN-Reported to be Truth!
"Chief Justice Roberts Is A Genius"-Commentary!
President George Bush Makes a Surprise Visit to Returning U.S. Troops-Truth!
Chairman of Progressive Insurance Peter Lewis Donated Millions to Left Wing Organizations-Truth!
President's Dog, Bo, and Handler Flew Alone in a Separate Plane to Maine-Fiction!
President's Brother-In-Law's Job Saved By Economic Stimulus Check-Fiction!
Bucket List for 2014-Grass Roots Movement!
"The President Without a Country" an Opinion by Pat Boone-Opinion!
Obama and the 8 Levels of Control by Saul Alinsky-Unproven!
Immigration Protesters Desecrated US Flag in Arizona-Truth!
Australian Government Official Says Muslims Who Want to Live by Sharia Law Not Welcome There.-Truth!
Dianne Feinstein's Husband Brokering Post Offices-Truth!
The President Ordered the Firing of "Cattle Guards"-Fiction!
Alaskan Opinion of Sarah Palin-Truth!
Clinton may fly the Viet Nam flag higher than the U.S. Flag-Fiction!
Tony Snow testimoney of faith during cancer-Truth!
Thomas Sowell Endorses John McCain?-Fiction!
Damage to the White House during trasition from Clinton to Bush-Truth!
Obama Appointee With Possible Indian Terrorist Links -Truth! but She Denies It Reflects Her Views!
Comparing the backgrounds of the stars versus the politicians-Truth!
Straight Ticket Voting Warning-Depends on Where You Vote!
Meeting President Bush at church-Truth!
Encounter with the president in Iraq-Truth!
The United Nations Dishonored Ronald Reagan?-Fiction!
A Secret Servie agent's impressions of the Bushes versus the Clintons-Unproven!
Obama Campaign Volunteer Poses as a Doctor at a Town Hall Meeting-Truth!
Humorous Photo of Mitt Romney and Family That Spells out "MONEY"- Fiction!
Family with Down Syndrome Child Meet McCain and Palin-Truth!
Who Am I?-Truth!
Labor Union Tells Supporters to Vote For U.S. Flag Ban on Fox News Poll-Fiction!
The Architect of Destruction by Maureen Scott-Confirmed Authorship!
Quote from Theodore Roosevelt on immigration-Truth!
Michael Reagan's Article Saying "Welcome Back Dad!"-Truth!
Pelosi On A Plane-Truth! & Fiction!
ABC Reporter Favored GIs who Support Obama in Iraq-Fiction!
Comment about Bush after 9/11 by Peter Jennings-Fiction!
Colin Powell-All We Want is Land to Bury our Dead-Truth!
Political Comments by Comedian Don Rickles-Fiction!
Humorous John Kerry or George Bush quotes-Fiction!
Comparison of presidential IQ's-Fiction!
PBS Palin Poll-Truth!
Sarah Palin and the Vikings?-Truth!
Obama Tidal Wave-Fiction!
Obama Born out of Wedlock?-Unproven!
San Diego County Officials told pastor that he can not hold a Bible study in his home without a permit -Truth!  but Decision Reversed!
Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin Banned Books-Fiction!
President Obama Worked Behind-the-Scenes Deals to Get the AMA and AARP to Endorse Health Care Reform-Commentary!
Sarah Palin NRA Poster Girl?-Fiction!
Picture of Barack Obama Holding a Phone Upside Down-Fiction!
Obama Makes Fun of the Bible-It's a Matter of Opinion!
President Clinton watched golf instead of giving a decision on a critical attack against Iraq-Disputed!
Who Is Sarah Palin? by Anne Kilkenny-Truth! But an Opinion!
Conservative Commentator Jack Wheeler's Anti-Obama Bumper Stickers-Truth!
Orson Scott Card's Open Letter To Every Local Paper in USA-Truth!
Alaskan Bush Pilot Views on Sarah Palin-Truth!
President Obama skips the inaugural ball honoring Medal Of Honor recipients-Truth!
Sarah Palin  National Guard Commander-Truth!
Obama Volunteer Alerted Secret Service-Truth!
Sarah Palin's Controversy about Wolves-Truth!  But a Conservation Effort!
Senator Barack Obama is a Moslem-Fiction!
An Alaskan Fishman's Commentary About Governor Sarah Palin-Confirmed Authorship!
Bold Speech Given By Ehud Olmert about Israel and Hezobollah?-Fiction!
Our Little Sarah - Truth! and Fiction!
Photo of President Barack Obama and Son at 2012 Democratic Convention- Fiction!
Video of President Obama Saying That He Was Born in Kenya- Fiction!
Healings at Barack Obama Rallies-Fiction!
Barack and Michelle Obama Law Licenses are Voluntarily Retired and Inactive Status-Truth!
Obama Administration Plans to Seize Control of the Internet and Install a Kill Switch-Truth! and Fiction!
Michelle Obama's 7.39 Meal at the Waldorf-Astoria in New York-Fiction!
Barack Obama's Church is Committed to Africa, not the U.S., and only African Americans are Admitted for Membership-Truth! & Fiction!
Pinch Yourself by Melanie Phillips-Opinion!
Senator Barack Obama failed to salute the flag?
Costly Presidential Trip To India-Truth! & Fiction!
Obama & Biden Health Concerns? Truth! & Fiction!
Barack Obama is America's Most Biblically Hostile U.S. President-Commentary!
Obama shunned U.S. Soldiers in Afghanistan-Fiction!
Obama said he campaigned in 57 U.S. states-Truth! & Fiction!
Cuban Flag at Obama Campaign Office-Truth!
Obama's connections with Kenya-Truth!, Unproven!, & Fiction!
Illinois State Rifle Association Commentary-Truth but an Opinion!
Barack Obama and William Ayers-Truth!
Veterans Demanded That Flag With President Obama's Face be Taken Down From Florida Democratic HQ-Truth!
Obama Authorized Funds for the Immigration of Hamas Refugees From Gaza to the US-Fiction!
Barack Obama Quotes The Bible?-Fiction!
Obama's Second Swearing Officiated by a Muslim Imam-Fiction!
Barack Obama Was Wrong When he Claimed That His Uncle Helped Liberate Auschwitz-Truth!
Obama "idiot quote"-Fiction!
Why I Can't Vote For Obama by Huntley Brown-Truth!
"Creator" Reference From the Declaration of Independence Omitted by Obama -Truth!
Obama's Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Connection-Truth!
Quotes from the writings of Barack Obama-Truth! & Fiction!
Commentary by Newt Gingrich Disapproving The Construction of a Proposed Mosque Near Ground Zero-Confirmed Authorship!
Anonymous Report From a Presidential Town Hall Meeting in Montana - Truth! and Unproven!
My Holiday With John McCain-Unproven!
Questions about Michelle Obama
Pastor Mark Arnold Meets McCain and Palin-Reported to be Truth!
Meet Maine 's New Governor Paul R. LePage-Opinion!
John McCain's Marine Son-Truth!  But Obama quote is Fiction!
There Were More Military Deaths During The Clinton Presidency Than During the George W. Bush Presidency-Fiction!
California City Goes Broke Because it is a Sanctuary for Illegal Aliens-Unproven!
Harvey Milk Day In California-Truth!
Michelle Obama cuts trip short because her husband is a Muslim and Sharia restrictions- Fiction!
John McCain Just Got Baptized-Fiction!
John Kerry endorsed by the Communists-Fiction!
John Kerry's anti-war past-Truth! and "Unproven!
Reagan diary entry about George W. Bush-Fiction!
An Email about called "The Last of the Kennedy Dynasty"- Truth! Fiction! & Unproven!
Leon Panetta's Daughter is friends with Hugo Chavez-Fiction!
John Kerry forcibly took over a Pennsylvania neighborhood for a campaign appearance-Fiction!
John Kerry and Jane Fonda speaking at anti-war rally-Fiction!
Letter to the people of France about anti-Semitism from Senator Joe Lieberman-Fiction!
The Ku Klux Klan has endorsed Barack Obama for president-Fiction!
The Howard Stern Shows Interviews People in Harlem about Obama- The Audio Clips are Real!  Don't Know to What Extent They've Been Edited!
Obama Nominated Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court as a Payback-Fiction!
Military Service of Jeremiah Wright-Truth!
Dr. Charles Krauthammer comments about President Obama-Fiction!
Hugh Downs Calls Obama a "Flake" -Fiction!
Hillary Clinton inconvenienced U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan-Unproven!
95 Year Old Former U.S. Naval Sailor Tells Obama to Shape up or Ship Out- Opinion!
Clause in the Health Care Bill That Prevents any Changes-Opinion!
John Kerry's wife's company, Heinz, is exporting Jobs?-Fiction!
Discussion of Canadian Health Care-Mostly Truth!
NY Times Predicted Bail Out in 1999-Truth!
Al Gore's horse-thief ancestor-Fiction!
John Glenn versus Howard Metzenbaum-Truth!
Energy Comparisons Between Al Gore and George Bush homes-Truth!
Maureen Dowd says Obama's Internet donations are mostly from foreigners-Fiction!
Getting to Know John McCain by Karl Rove-Truth!
Coalition for Traditional Values criticizes Laura Bush-Fiction!
Senator Tom Daschle saluting the flag with his left hand-Fiction!
Personal comments by Deepak Chopra Obama & Palin -Truth!
Bill Cosby About Jeremiah Wright?-Unproven!
Congressional Letter of Correction to President Obama-Truth!
Meeting held to discuss impeachment of President George W. Bush-Truth!
Hillary Clinton Six Quotes on Socialism-Fiction!
CPA Got Stiffed by Joe Biden-Truth! But Resolved!
Columbo's "Excuse Me Mr. Obama"-Truth! Fiction! & Satire!
Dennis Miller's Commentary on the Middle East Situation-Incorrect Authorship!
The life and experiences of Cindy McCain-Truth!
Obama the Antichrist?
The City Councilman's Graphic Comment that Got Him Thown Out of a Radio Studio-Fiction!
Bush lied about weapons in Iraq?  What about the Democrats-Truth!
George Bush's horse-thief ancestor-Fiction!
President Bush was wired for off stage prompts during debates-Unproven!
Bush Admin. Had a Plan To Create An Agency for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac In 2003-Truth!
Has Bill Clinton Been Snared in a Pedophile Ring?-Pending Investigation!
Picture of President Bush and his father fishing in the streets of New Orleans after the hurricane-Fiction!
George W. Bush a deserter from the military?-Disputed!
The "Bill of No Rights" from Georgia Representative Mitchell Kaye-Fiction!
Arizona State Senator Sylvia Allen Explains Why She Supports SB 1070, The Border State's Tough New Immigration Law-Commentary!
Joe Biden To Step Down October 5-Unproven!
Ken Blackwell commentary about Barack Obama-Truth!
Berkeley and the Marines-Truth!
18 States Are Attempting to Implement "Micro-Stamp Encoding" on Fire Arms and Ammunition-Truth!
Drilling for oil in ANWAR-Truth! & Disputed!